A Quick Primer on Dentures

Dentures are false teeth typically constructed from acrylic, nylon, or metal. These replacement teeth are removable and are designed to mimic real teeth as they are placed over the gums. If you’ve tried various other procedures that aimed to strengthen the integrity of teeth but have failed, it’s time to consider dentures. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what procedures you undergo. Teeth are inevitably susceptible to the wear and tear of time. If you have multiple gaps in your teeth, it may be time to consider getting fitted for dentures. If the need arises and you’re lucky enough to be located in the Leesburg, Ashburn, or Purcellville, you can stop by and get assessed by our top-notch Leesburg Dentists.

During your appointment with our dentists, you’ll be fitted for either a complete or partial set of dentures. Full dentures replace both your upper and lower rows of teeth. Partial dentures, on the other hand, can replace a single tooth or an entire row of teeth.

Owning a set of dentures has a plethora of advantages. One pro is that they assist with eating, cosmetic appearance, as well as with speaking.

After you get your personalized dentures, it’s important to note that they must be treated with the same diligence that you treated your original teeth with. When you do remove your dentures, it’s vital that they are kept moist in water or in a polythene bag with wet cotton wool inside. If this is not done after every use, your dentures will dry out and change shape which will inevitably lead to another visit to the dentist. Not only should dentures be cleaned but your remaining teeth should also be looked after. Despite the dentures, you should stick to your morning and night routine of brushing.

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