About Snore Guards

Many people suffer from sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders that cause them to produce loud guttural and nasal sounds, often waking their partner and preventing restful sleep for everyone involved. However, with the help of a dentist, a snore guard can be made to eliminate or reduce the incidences of snoring for your own peaceful sleep and that of your loved one. This will help patients to have a better night of sleep continuously, which will improve their health overall.

Understanding Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a medical condition where the throat muscles relax while someone is sleeping. In other words, this break in breathing pattern causes the airway to collapse and prevents oxygen from getting to the brain. When the brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen, it wakes someone up to breathe again. Once breathing goes back to normal, the individual can go back to sleep. Those with sleep apnea can wake up over and over again throughout the night, dozens, or more times, and it can prevent getting a full night’s sleep as a result. This means that the patients suffering from sleep apnea don’t get a good night of sleep, which can lead to health issues and lack of productivity, such as on the job or in the workplace in general.

Benefits of Snore Guards

A professional dentist can treat this sleep apnea and help patients to sleep better. With the help of snore guards that keep the airways open, dental patients of all ages can see positive results. These dental appliances are comfortable to wear and definitely easy to use as well.

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