Alcohol Detox Program California

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Alcohol Detox Program California

Many people think that Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is their only option when it comes to alcohol treatment. The truth is that there are many different programs out there to choose from, which helps people to have a more tailored approach and the support they require. If you are looking for an alcohol detox program in California for yourself or a loved one, the more you learn through research, the easier it is to get the right level of care.

Understanding Alcohol Rehabs in California 

The good news for anyone trying to embark on a journey to sobriety is that there are great options to fit in with your lifestyle. Many will allow you to stay involved in your routine or give you a great deal of privacy. It is all about finding what fits best and still gets you results. Two major components will usually come with professionally guided treatment, which includes: 

  • Talk Therapy – By working with a licensed therapist at an alcohol detox center, you can build up skills, tools, and coping strategies that will either help you reduce or stop drinking. This type of treatment will usually be offered one-on-one, group sessions, or family therapy.
  • Medications – In some cases, you could work with a certified addiction specialist or a primary care clinician to get a prescription for non-addictive medications. These are geared toward helping people quell drinking and avoid potential relapse.

Each of these options can be worked together and also tailored to meet individual needs. 

Four Levels of California Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs 

You will find there are four basic options for intensity or care when it comes to alcohol treatment. These include: 

  • Outpatient – This is when you go in for regular office visits for medication support, counseling, or a combination of both.
  • Intensive Outpatient – This is also sometimes referred to as partial hospitalization. When looking at California drug and alcohol detox programs, this is a good way to get coordinated outpatient care to address more complex needs.
  • Residential – If you are looking for an Orange County alcohol detox that is low or high intensity, these offer 24-hour treatment settings.
  • Intensive Inpatient – If you want to have an alcohol detox program in California that is much more involved and rigorous, intensive inpatient is a solid option. This type of program offers 24-hour, medically directed services that can help patients to manage withdrawals.

You may have difficulty determining which option is right for yourself or a loved one, but this is where we are here to help at Ocean Hills Recovery! We offer a unique approach to alcohol and drug detox in Orange County, and we would love to talk with you about your concerns and needs.

Our services can be tailored to help you move through successful recovery to go onward into a clean and sober life. Programs vary, but they could range from thirty up to ninety days for alcohol treatment. Call us at (833) 537-0654 for details on our program offerings, or click here to verify your insurance.

Alcohol Detox Program California

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Alcohol Detox Program California

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