All About Teeth Whitening

Most people agree that a bright and white smile eludes confidence, especially when talking with others in social situations. A cosmetic dentist will offer professional teeth whitening to patients who want to whiten their teeth. The process is simple, affordable, and painless, and many people see results early in the process. Most cosmetic dentists offer two different types of teeth whitening methods, which are in-office and at-home options. They can have a consultation to help each patient to determine which method is most convenient for them and determine which option most aligns with their goals for the enhancing of their smile.

How It Works

Take home teeth whitening kits of the past involved opalescence, something that can only be provided by a licensed dentist. This material dramatically whitens the teeth. A concentration based on each patient’s needs is given in different flavors according to the preference of the patient. This is the most comfortable and effective take-home whitening kit on the market. It uses special ingredients to minimize or eliminate teeth sensitivity during the whitening process.

With in-office whitening, Zoom! Whitening certainly does the trick. After just one dental visit, the teeth can be seen to be dramatically whiter. It is the most popular in-office teeth whitening treatment used by dentists for patients wanting whiter teeth nationwide. This fast, safe, and effective tooth whitening method uses a light system and peroxide gel to deliver fast and white results. In just one hour, the smile can change completely and offer a positive alternative to yellowed or discolored teeth.

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