Are Those Real? What to Know About Dental Implants

Unlike other types of implants, a tooth implant won’t be any more noticeable than the teeth on either side of the newest addition. New teeth are bound to be more shiny and pristine than your real teeth but shouldn’t be noticeable enough to create embarrassment. If you’re worried about your implant sticking out, you can always undergo a teeth whitening treatment to ensure a uniform look. Before you get your tooth implant, there are a few things you should be aware of.

A dental implant is when a tooth is replaced with an artificial tooth. This man-made tooth is then anchored into the jaw, ensuring that it doesn’t move from its original place. Implants, unlike dental crowns and bridges, don’t rely on other teeth to keep them in place. Implants look and feel more natural than crowns or bridges. The striking resemblance to natural teeth comes down to the metallic, bone-like ceramic materials that are seamlessly compatible with gum tissue.

There are two main ways that our doctors who cater to those in the Leesburg, Ashburn, and Purcellville, VA communities can implant your new tooth or teeth. The first method involves placing the dental implant directly into the jawbone. The second type of procedure requires a custom-made metal framework that is inserted into the existing bone.

Now that you understand what’s being done inside your mouth when you’re under anesthesia, it’s time to talk about how long the process is. While the procedure itself only takes one appointment, healing and fitting a tooth can stretch the process to between 2-9 months depending on the dentist and patient.

After your implant is in you’ll need to care for it, so the issue of replacing a tooth doesn’t arise again. Follow the instructions provided by your dentist and put them to use. Affordable dentistry won’t degrade your quality of life, but poor hygiene certainly will.

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