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Dana Point Rehab Campus invites addiction victims to the best inpatient drugs rehab center to manage their addiction conditions in a safe and comfortable setting. Substance addiction often comes with severe health problems, and the inpatient program is the most reliable at combating the withdrawal and promoting sobriety and long-term stability.

What to expect during inpatient rehab treatment

Our inpatient California alcohol rehab center relies on structured rehabilitation to achieve the best recovery results. If you’ve never entered any rehab treatment, here is what to expect at our center:

  • On-site clinical assessment – This is the first phase in the inpatient drug and alcohol treatment, allowing our professionals to gather critical information about your addiction condition, health status, etc. They will use this information to tailor a personalized recovery protocol for immediate results.
  • Medical detox – The detoxification procedure is fundamental to our rehab treatment since it helps patients combat withdrawal in a safe and comfortable setting. You will receive medication, therapy, and counseling to cleanse your body of toxins, clear the chemical imbalances in the brain, and prepare you for inpatient care.
  • Residential/Inpatient treatment – Our California alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers offer premier inpatient treatment in a luxurious, safe, and accommodating setting. A compassionate team of professionals will supervise the treatment to ensure your comfort and safety along the way. The inpatient treatment consists of multiple treatment modalities, including medication management, psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, recreational activities, holistic healing, faith healing, etc. You will quickly accommodate to the program’s structure and adapt to its routine within days.

  • Therapeutic programs – Our California addiction treatment programs include multiple therapeutic procedures like CBT, DBT, REBT, etc. We have designed these therapeutic modalities to address harmful behaviors and combat negative thoughts and emotions that are common in addiction victims dealing with co-occurring disorders.
  • Extensive dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment involves identifying and addressing co-occurring disorders like anxiety, PTSD, depression, co-dependency, eating disorder, etc. Approximately half of the addiction victims worldwide show signs of one or more co-occurring mental health problems, making the dual diagnosis treatment that much more vital in the grand scheme of things.
  • Case management and discharge planning – Our best rehab centers in California train patients in sobriety management and relapse prevention post-rehab. The goal is to help our residents accommodate an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle after completing the rehabilitation treatment. Our professionals will teach healthy living, how to identify and address social triggers, and avoid relapsing over the years.

As an addiction victim in desperate need of help, you shouldn’t lose your hope. We have the best inpatient drugs rehab center in the business, helping people cope with even the most severe addiction cases. If you require immediate clinical help with your substance abuse disorder, our competent and caring staff members are ready for you.

Contact Dana Point Rehab Campus at 949-239-7557, discuss your situation and treatment needs and goals, and make an appointment for intake and detox. The inpatient treatment will unfold right after, taking you on a transformative rehabilitation journey with long-lasting benefits over the years.

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