Debunking the ‘Alternative Facts’ of Root Canal

Root canals are by far the most well-known dental procedure; they’re also the most misunderstood. For a long time, root canals been the source of fear for dental patients. Like many misunderstood things, a root canal will always be scary until you know the facts. Here are a few popular myths that you’ll want debunked before your procedure.

Myth: It Hurts Like the Dickens
Ask any person who’s been served by the best dentists in the Leesburg, Ashburn, or Purcellville area, and they’ll tell you that you’ve got nothing to fear. Bygone are the days when root canal procedures were tantamount to Medieval torture. Today’s humane methods ensure that no patient suffers any pain from the procedure. In fact, receiving a root canal will only serve to relieve the pain caused by the damaged tooth, not cause more of it.

Myth: Root Canal Will No Doubt Make Me Sick
This myth can be traced back to its 1920s origins when a popular dentist, Dr. Price, advocated for extraction, simply ripping a tooth out of its socket. This method of root canal has been known to make patients ill and cause disease. Despite this being an antiquated method, it’s still a mainstream belief that root canal causes harm even after the procedure. The truth is that there isn’t any scientific evidence to support the claim that root canals cause disease or illness.

Myth: A Tooth That’s Been Treated Has An Expiration Date
A tooth that’s been treated with a root canal procedure may reap the benefits as long as you take care of it. Quality dental work, followed by diligent at-home practices will ensure that you won’t lose the tooth.

Now that these false myths have been debunked, you can make your next root canal appointment knowing that you’ve got nothing to fear but fear itself.

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