Denver Rehab

Denver Rehab

Bethany Nursing and Rehab is a treatment facility set amidst the mountains in Colorado. Our Denver rehab center has the best clinical and non-clinical team to assist you in recovery.

Importance of postoperative care

Postoperative care refers to the supervision and management of a patient’s condition following surgery. Post-op care starts from the immediate postoperative period in the operation theatre and continues until the full recovery of the patient from the effects of surgery. Postoperative care is imperative to prevent infection and to promote healing at the site of the incision. Furthermore, postoperative care involves specialized care that guarantees positive outcomes in patients following surgery.

As a part of our postoperative care, our medical team will consistently assess, diagnose, and plan interventions to aid in recovery. The type of postop-care offered to patients depends on the type of surgery, overall health condition, and the patient’s age. At our Denver rehab, we offer post-orthopedic care, cardio/pulmonary therapy, physiotherapy, and skilled nursing to our post-op patients to promote healing.

Caring for a post-operative patient

We have a fully-equipped recovery unit for our post-op patients. Our clinical staff works closely without post-op patients to monitor their progress in recovery. Some of the services that we offer in post-op care include:

  • Monitoring vital signs in patients like blood pressure, temperature, breathing, etc.
  • Monitor patients closely for signs of any complications
  • Check and manage patient’s tubes, drains, and lines
  • Check the site of the surgical incision and the progress of wound healing
  • Change wound dressing regularly to avoid infection
  • Keep a check on the patient’s urine output and intravenous infusions

Besides, we also monitor the patient’s pain level and supervise pain medications. Lastly, we promote healing and recovery with rehabilitation services like physiotherapy, massage therapy, and occupational therapy.

What is skilled nursing care?

Skilled nursing refers to patient care offered by certified and licensed nurses. Elderly, post-op patients and patients suffering from neurological disorders benefit from skilled nursing care. Skilled nursing facilities offer special care that encompasses services like wound care and dressings, rehabilitation services, etc. 

These facilities are also beneficial for elders suffering from terminal illnesses and other severe disorders, as a skilled nursing team can consistently monitor their rapidly changing health status. At our nursing home, we offer rehabilitation services like physical therapy, speech, and occupational therapy to help seniors heal and recover from their health ailments.

Tips for healthy living for the elderly

Once you turn 60, its time you focus on healthy eating and an active lifestyle to live a long and fulfilling life. At our nursing home, we have an experienced dietician that plans the meals of our patients based on their unique medical needs. Seniors must eat a well-balanced and nourishing meal to keep up their energy and protect their cognitive functions.

Also, be sure to involve in physical exercise for at least 30 minutes a day for 4-5 days a week to maintain and protect your heart’s health. Contact Bethany Nursing and Rehab today for more information on our treatment approaches. We offer an exclusive range of services at our Denver rehab, including wound care, physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy, and post-orthopedic care.

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