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In today’s world, people are becoming more and more conscious of the various hazards of materials that they put in their bodies, from food to surgical implants to dental fillings. Because of this, the market is responding by creating fewer toxic choices so that people can prevent the development of chronic disease because of hazardous materials and lead healthier lives. But this is not only true of the general and restaurant or grocery store market. It’s also true of the services offered by medicine and dentistry.

Advantages of Composite Fillings   

It is true that for many years, silver and mercury amalgam dental fillings have been the most popular type of filling for cavities because of their durability and reasonable cost. However, even these durable fillings eventually decay, and the materials of which they are made get released into the bloodstream. Many people develop chronic diseases and syndromes that are difficult to diagnose, or the cause of the illness is difficult to pinpoint, and it has been suspected that these amalgam fillings may be a contributor or factor in these symptoms. Not only do dental fillings that are made of composites look better, but they also do not carry the risk of having any mercury content, and the materials of which they are made are relatively harmless to humans and human health.

Potential Dangers of Mercury in Fillings

Although the dangers of mercury in dental fillings have been a topic of hot debate, there’s no doubt that these decaying fillings are a source of pollution in municipal wastewater. In some ways, it is an issue that the decaying fillings release mercury vapor that is inhaled by the patient. One certain thing is that if no mercury is used in a filling, then there is no danger of mercury toxicity to the patient. Specifically speaking, there is no mercury used at all in any composite dental fillings. Composite fillings are also durable, and they do not expand or contract with temperature when the patient consumes a hot or cold liquid as a beverage (hot coffee or tea) or snack (smoothie).

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