How a Smile Becomes a Frown

We all want a couple rows of perfectly white, straight, and sparkling teeth. Yet the wear and tear of life will occasionally have us frowning at how our teeth have progressed through time. Sure everybody covets the luster of Hollywood-worthy teeth, but few of us are willing to put the work into creating an amazing smile. Here are some things you should pay closer attention to if you want that A-list smile.

Listen to Your Dentist
After every dental checkup, your dentist will tell you that you should always floss and brush at least twice a day. But do we do this? Keep to the code and brush for at least two minutes every morning and night.

Ditch the Soda
Sugar is one of the most havoc-causing enemies of your teeth. Bacteria and sugar get along like PB&J, giving your mouth an excess of sugar means that you’re fueling the bacteria that’s deteriorating your teeth. If you want your teeth to have long and healthy lives in your mouth, get rid of the sugary foods.

Tooth Grinding
Most of us have nervous ticks that we may carry out without us even knowing. Sadly, our teeth are often the recipients of this anxiety. Decreasing the stress in your life will not only make you feel better, but it’ll help the integrity of your teeth. Grinding does not only occur while you’re awake but can also cause damage while you’re sleeping. Constant pressing against your teeth will create misaligned teeth and can lead to flaring.

Do your due diligence and protect your teeth against yourself. If you feel that these obstacles to healthy teeth are too much to contend with, you can consult the amazing doctors in the Leesburg, VA area. For the aforementioned issues, teeth whitening, Invisalign, and night guards would all benefit the patient.

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