How an Emergency Dentist Can Help

Dental emergencies are generally rare, and some people never truly experience a dental emergency over their lifetime. However, if you do experience a dental emergency, a professional emergency dentist can help to manage the damage to your mouth and your teeth and their structure to prevent the permanent loss of teeth if possible. A dental emergency can be stressful, but you’re never alone when this happens if you have access to an emergency procedure dentist. An emergency dentist is trained to deal with these situations in an emergency, and they can brainstorm the best treatment solutions and get your injury to your teeth resolved quickly.

Types of Dental Emergencies

One of the most common dental emergencies is the experience of having teeth that are knocked out as associated with an injury to the face or mouth. If a tooth becomes knocked out, take the time actually to find and locate the tooth. Reinsert the tooth into the tooth socket if you can. If not, place it into a container with milk, to keep it safe until you are able to arrive at the dental office.

Broken teeth are another dental emergency. An injury to the mouth can have the effect of breaking the patient’s teeth in a variety of ways. These missing and broken teeth can be restored with a variety of restorative dentistry procedures, whether a porcelain crown or a dental implant.

Tooth pain is a sign of something going wrong in the teeth or gums. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, an emergency dentist can determine the cause and resolve it as quickly as possible to relieve the patient from pain.

Lost dental work is another dental emergency. If dental work has become lost or damaged, such as a filling falling out, schedule an emergency dentistry service as soon as possible for replacement of the dental work.

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