How Do Hollywood’s Finest Get Such White Teeth?

Hollywood stars seem to be able to strut their stuff in any situation. Sure they’ve got millions in their pockets and are greeted by adoring fans pretty much wherever they go, but there’s something else that they have which adds on to their ethereal feel. Have you noticed that just about everyone who’s ever made it to the big screen has immaculate teeth? The next time you watch an award show, pay close attention to the pearly whites of these stars. The odd thing is that they don’t have magical powers or super genius dentists who treat them differently. The only difference is that they put effort into creating the white luster of their teeth. But just how do they do it?

Go on a Teeth Diet
There are diets to help you gain weight, lose weight, lower cholesterol, and yes, to even get whiter, healthier teeth. Avoid eating acidic foods that may lead to tooth erosion. Stick to whole wheat bread and avoid eating sugary foods and drinks.

Don’t Aim for Pearly Whites & Drink
Similar to soda, alcohol can both erode teeth and cause discoloration. Alcohol is inevitably turned into sugar, which breaks down the integrity of your teeth. Less alcohol not only means a healthier liver but healthier teeth.

Stop Opening Things with Your Teeth
The issue with opening chips or cutting tape with your teeth is that your two rows of teeth are meant to work in tandem. Isolating one or two teeth means that they’re taking on too much pressure. In effect, teeth may become chipped or damaged.

Dentist Visits
It may feel that no matter what you do you can’t achieve that A-list smile. If you feel this way, you can visit the best dentists in Leesburg and inquire about teeth whitening procedures.

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