How Mouth Guards Help Your Oral Health

Mouth guards are used for a variety of reasons, whether to protect the teeth during sports injuries that involve trauma or to shield teeth from teeth grinding that may come in a person’s sleep. A professional family dentist can provide mouth guards that can protect you and your children’s mouth with ease. The patient can choose from a variety of colors and styles to find a comfortable mouth guard that fits perfectly in the patient’s mouth.

What are mouth guards best used for?

It’s not uncommon for people of all ages to grind their teeth at night.  This is known as bruxism and can occur in adults who are stressed out or who experience anxiety, such as from pressures at the workplace. This can lead to someone waking up with headaches and a sore jaw or ear, as a result of grinding teeth in the night during sleep. Mouth guards can be custom made for any patient to prevent these symptoms and to allow the patient to have a peaceful and restful night’s sleep. They are also used during sports to prevent the risk of injury to the mouth, especially during the playing of contact sports such as football or wrestling, lacrosse or field hockey.

Ultimately, teeth grinding and clenching may be caused by an abnormal bite or even stress that is experienced in a person’s life. One of the best ways to stop teeth grinding is to correct the cause.  A family dentist can examine the bite and determine what may be causing your teeth clenching disorder. This helps the best treatment option to be found for each patient.

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