How to Get Those Hollywood Teeth

Ever notice that a prerequisite to being on the big screen is having sparkling white teeth? No matter your talent level, if you don’t own a couple rows of pearly whites you might as well stick to your day job. There are multiple ways to go about getting those Hollywood whites. One of those ways is to visit your local dentist in the Leesburg area for a teeth whitening session.

The process of whitening teeth at the dentist’s office actually involves bleaching your teeth. If you’re considering whitening your teeth, you’ll need to first be assessed by your dentist. The treatment will require three or four appointments that are stretched out over the span of a few weeks. During these sessions, the active ingredient, typically hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, will be applied to your teeth via a custom mouth guard. Teeth are whitened by the active ingredients emitting oxygen into the enamel of the teeth, thus resulting in lighter, more beautiful teeth.

While bleaching is the most popular type of teeth whitening procedure, teeth can also be rendered whiter via laser, also known as ‘power whitening.’ This method entails applying bleach to the teeth after a rubber dam has been custom-made for the teeth. After the bleach has been applied the chemical is made active via a laser. This technique can usually whiten teeth by about five or six shades.

So how long will teeth remain white after the bleaching, or laser teeth whitening service? The lasting effects of teeth whitening differ for every individual. Though for the most part, teeth will remain relatively white for about three years. Smoking, drinking or eating certain products can potentially stain your teeth and will inevitably shorten the white span of your pearly whites.

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