How to Prevent the Seemingly Unpreventable

The breaking of a tooth seems like a random occurrence that could happen without much notice. Perhaps you’re walking on a sidewalk on a rainy day, and you slip and chip or crack your tooth. A chipped, cracked, or broken tooth can be a spontaneous event, but you can also take preventative steps to prepare for this unfortunate and sudden event from taking place.

Use Protection
If you’re about to partake in an athletic event, you should always wear a mouth guard. These guards protect both your teeth and tongue from unwanted contact. While random falls can’t necessarily be prevented, if you know you’ll be in a place where your odds of falling are above average it’s advisable that you wear a protective mouth guard. Never use your teeth to open packages or rip objects. Try to avoid eating foods that are too hard and may break your teeth.

Check-In with the Best Dentists in the Leesburg, VA Area
Just because you don’t have a visible crack in your teeth doesn’t mean there isn’t one. For anyone who has ever had a filling, you should get checked regularly after about ten years so a dentist can check the integrity of the filling. A break in the tooth isn’t uncommon and can expose the remaining tooth structure and potentially cause even more damage to the tooth. Even if you don’t have a filling, routine checkups can help identify cracks in the tooth before they lead to greater and more lasting problems.

Care for Yourself at Home
Even the hulk needs to make sure he’s doing the right things in order to stay strong and healthy. Your teeth’s enamel is an incredibly hard substance to break down. That being said, regularly eating sugary foods, brushing too hard, or chewing fingernails can lead to erosion. Do your teeth a solid and brush exclusively with toothpaste that contains fluoride, floss regularly, and of course, check in with your dentist every once in a while.

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