How to Protect You From Yourself

Your teeth are the strongest part of your body. They can rip through just about any kind of food you put in your mouth and can grind down the toughest of material in seconds. So how would you feel if you started using your teeth against yourself? Grinding and pushing your teeth together can result in damaged teeth.

Grinding is typically caused by anxiety. It can happen during the day or even at night. It is also a common exercise to grind teeth during sporting events. A little grinding here and there never hurt anyone. But when it becomes a constant habit it can cause serious harm to your teeth. Get the knowledge and support you need when you visit some of the best doctors in the Leesburg, VA area. When you visit these professionals, you’ll be fitted for a night guard, if need be. These guards will protect you from grinding and pushing your teeth against each other during the night.

If snoring is your problem, you can get fitted for a snore guard. A snore guard works by stopping snoring before it starts. The guard works by holding your lower jaw forward. By doing this, the tongue is no longer able to block air from going in and out of the air passage. It’s a simple design but does, in fact, require being fitted for a guard.

The only drawback to wearing guards is that they might take a while for you to get used to them. Prices and molds may vary, but ask your doctor about the best options and prices available for a guard in order to make an informed decision.

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