Internet Gaming Disorder

Internet Gaming Disorder

Internet gaming is prevalent. Unfortunately, that rise in popularity led to an increase in addiction rates to internet gaming. Maui Recovery can help you recover from your internet gaming disorder. Contact us to learn more about our first-class treatment for those who struggle with this addiction.

What is internet gaming disorder?

Internet gaming disorder is a newer addiction that developed from the substantial play rates of internet video games. It’s as dangerous as any other type of addiction. Further research is needed on this condition before it is a part of the DSM-5.

Those addicted to internet gaming exhibit the same signs as any other addict. The individual is unable to function without playing internet video games and will exhibit the same symptoms as any other addict. This disorder is more prevalent in men ages 12-20.

Signs of an internet gaming addiction

To get a diagnosis of internet gaming addiction, a person must meet five of the following ten criteria.

  1. Repetitive use of internet games that leads to an impairment in function
  2. Obsession with internet video games.
  3. Withdrawal symptoms when not playing games.
  4. Developing tolerance and needing more time spent playing games.
  5. The person has not been successful when attempting to stop playing games or cutting back on time spent playing games.
  6. The person lacks interest in other activities and hobbies that are not gaming related.
  7. The person continues to play games even though they recognize the harmful impact games have on their life.
  8. The person lies about their internet gaming usage.
  9. The person uses games as a method to escape or relief from anxiety or guilt.
  10. The person puts opportunities and relationships at risk just to play video games.

How to treat internet gaming disorder

Treatment for an internet gaming disorder is similar to treatment for any other addiction. Patients will work with licensed professionals to undergo counseling and identify triggers. At an inpatient treatment center, a patient will participate in therapy sessions both as an individual and as part of a  group. Patients will also go to 12-step meetings as another form of treatment. 

Cognitive-Behavioral therapy is the primary mode of treatment used to treat this disorder. CBT is a common form of talk therapy that is popular in addiction treatment. During sessions, participants can talk about what they feel and get input from the therapist and have an open dialogue during the session. This therapy is beneficial for helping a person recognize triggers, negative thinking patterns, and more effective ways to deal with stressful situations.

How to determine if you play video games too much

Video games are popular, and some individuals derive more enjoyment from this activity versus others. However, if a person displays the criteria listed above, they suffer from video game addiction. The amount of time spent playing is only one component of this problem.

Don’t wait any longer to get treatment for your internet gaming disorder. Let the team at Maui Recovery help you on your journey.

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Internet Gaming Disorder

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