IOP rehab Pasadena

Article provided by: Pax House Recovery

IOP rehab Pasadena

No one understands addiction, its hold and effects, better than someone who has been through it. Pax House Recovery is a leading IOP rehab in Pasadena, uniquely qualified to provide the most effective mind, body, and spirit treatment to those suffering from addiction. 

What to expect in IOP rehab

At our treatment center, you can expect the best care possible in the treatment of your addiction. Our highly trained staff works together to offer the best drug & alcohol treatment in Pasadena and act as role models for living healthy, sober lives. Our mission is to deliver quality addiction treatment while giving our clients a solid ground for lasting personal change.

We provide a high-end outpatient treatment program which includes a highly structured schedule and the best treatment methods. Our treatment methods aim to help our clients understand their addiction and learn how to conquer them. We use a holistic approach in our comprehensive treatment program which incorporates individual therapy, family groups, process groups, education groups, meditation, alternative therapeutic activities like yoga, 12-step meetings, art, and music therapy.

Which services does an IOP rehab offer?

Among the services we offer at our IOP rehab in Pasadena we include:

  • IOP-related services – we provide IOP to clients who don’t require residential treatment but could benefit from intensive treatment. Our outpatient program is particularly helpful as a step-down treatment for those who have already gone through our residential program. Thee clients continue getting the necessary treatment they require while living at home.
  • Dual diagnosis addiction treatment – it is particularly hard to recover from an addictive disorder when there is a mental health condition contributing to it. We provide a supportive environment equipped with the necessary tools to help dually diagnosed clients successfully tackle their individual challenges.
  • Addiction treatment aftercare planning – aftercare is critical to a successful early recovery. Most people struggling with addiction find it hard to remain sober once they get home after completing their treatment programs. Aftercare programs provide this continued support lowering the risks of relapse.

Which is the best treatment option between IOP and residential treatment?

Both programs are suitable for and effective in addiction treatment. However, either option has distinctions, which make it less or more appropriate for the treatment depending on the level of a patient’s addiction and for how long they have been suffering from it.

Our residential programs are best suited for patients with a high level of dependency on their drug of choice. In this program, patients are required to voluntarily enter a treatment facility, withdrawing themselves from the toxic environments and circumstances that fuel their drug use. We provide a safe, drug, and alcohol-free environment, with highly qualified staff who offer an intensive level of care to patients.  Here, they have an opportunity to concentrate on getting sober and remaining sober.

Outpatient programs are suitable for patients with a low level of addiction. They allow patients to have more freedom of movement. Our outpatient programs include most aspects of our residential program but without the round the clock commitment. At Pax House Recovery, we guarantee you the best IOP rehab in Pasadena.

IOP rehab Pasadena