Let’s Talk About Tooth Extraction

In its simplest form, you already know what tooth extraction is. Extraction of a tooth is when a tooth or teeth are removed from the socket in the bone. While this image may immediately start to make you quiver, you should know that the Leesburg Dentists are specialists when it comes to extraction. You’ll feel no pain as your pesky tooth is being pulled. But just why is a tooth extracted?

A tooth may need to be extracted if it is damaged or broken, though broken or decaying teeth aren’t immediately pulled out. Dentists will try to create a crown, bridge, or other means which would ensure the integrity of your tooth. But occasionally you’ll have a tooth that just can’t be saved. When this becomes the case, you’ll have to part ways with your tooth. Loose teeth may also need to be removed if they aren’t able to be secured to your bone.

To prepare for the extraction, your amazing Leesburg dentist would take an x-ray of your teeth to map out the best way to extract your tooth. During the procedure, you’ll be given anesthesia. You will either be consciously sedated or given general anesthesia.

One of two types of extractions will be performed. The ‘simple’ extraction deals with visible teeth. In this procedure, your dentist will loosen the tooth in question with an ‘elevator’ before using forceps to remove the tooth.

Surgical extractions mostly pertain to teeth that are no longer visible due to having a tooth that has been chipped, broken, or has grown improperly. Oral surgeons are typically called in to perform these types of surgeries. During the surgery, your doctor will make a small cut into your gum and will proceed to remove some of the bone around the tooth or will go so far as to cut the tooth to extract it from the mouth.

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