Six Month Smiles

Clear Braces in Leesburg for Straight Teeth

clear braces for straight teeth Leesburg

Straight, beautiful teeth increase confidence and oral health. Patients with straight teeth feel better about themselves and are more likely to share their smile with other people. Straight teeth make brushing and flossing easier and cavities less likely. Now with Six Month Smiles, patients can enjoy the benefits of a straight, beautiful smile even faster than ever.

Six Month Smiles utilizes the latest in innovation and technology to straighten teeth faster than traditional braces. Traditional braces can require a time commitment of two years, but with Six Month Smiles, in as little as six months, patients can have the straight teeth they’ve always wanted. Traditional braces move your tooth by focusing on the surface area, and then the root of the tooth. Six Month Smiles straightens teeth faster than other brace brands by moving the tooth root and the surface portion of your teeth at the same time.

With Six Month Smiles, our patients enjoy many benefits including:

  • Straight Teeth Fast – Like the name suggests, Six Month Smiles can straighten teeth in far less time than other braces.
  • Comfort – Six Month Smile braces are more comfortable and easier to wear than regular braces.
  • Less Noticeability – Six Month Smiles are clear braces and barely noticeable. Patients with Six Month Smile braces don’t have to worry about people staring at their teeth.
  • Safety – The shorter time frame makes Six Month Smiles braces more hygienic and safer to wear.
  • Affordability – In many cases, Six Month Smiles are more affordable than regular metal braces and require less appointments.

Six Month Smiles clear braces Purcellville

At Cochran Family Dental, we strive to provide our best possible care to our patients in the Leesburg area. We are committed to making sure our patients have access to the latest and greatest technology that will make their procedures even better. If you want a confident, beautiful smile, Six Month Smiles is a great teeth straightening option. The procedure is very simple, and the special tray kit that is given to each patient helps speed up appointments and makes visits even more comfortable.

To find out if Six Month Smiles clear braces is the right teeth straightening treatment for you, contact us at our office. Dr. Cochran and his team are happy to be able to offer Six Month Smiles to residence in the Leesburg area, from Ashburn to Purcellville.






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