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Losing an adult tooth in can be a traumatic occurrence. For various reasons, people might encounter an unfortunate event that leads to the loss of one or many teeth. Aside from the pain that may result from that event, or the ensuing pain that may follow caused by gum or bone deterioration, the person has to look themselves in the mirror and see a shadow of where their tooth once rested. One does not have to lose hope, however!

Dental implants are an amazing way to shed the trauma of losing a tooth while providing the only form of restorative dentistry replacing tooth root and surface portions. Here’s how it works:

  • A titanium tooth root is implanted into the patient’s jawbone.
  • A porcelain, natural-looking crown is customized for each patient.
  • The custom crown is set into place on the titanium root.
  • The patient can smile confidently: It will look as though it was never missing!

That’s it! Those procedures are all that it will take to get your smile back to the way you’ve known it to be for so long.

Cochran Family Dental, in Leesburg, Virgina, has the experience and comforting customer service that it takes to help people who are seeking more information about dental implants and how they can positively affect their lives. There is no reason you should have to sacrifice sharing your smile to its fullest and brightest potential.

Brian Cochran, DDS will help you determine whether or not going with dental implants is the right way to approach restoring your smile. Should that be the case, you can bet your smile that he will do it with the right blend of expertise and compassion that you should expect from your dentist.

If you have teeth missing, and you are searching for a way to disconnect from the feelings that might be associated with that, then finding the right help is crucial. Call today to get set up for a free consultation, and get ready to learn about how you will be increasing your daily rate of smiling.

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