Understanding Porcelain Dental Crowns in Ashburn, Virginia

Porcelain dental crowns in Ashburn, Virginia at Cochran Family Dental protect the teeth from damage or decay. This crown is placed directly over a damaged tooth in the mouth to preserve the tooth’s original root. This helps to avoid tooth extractions and to maintain the appearance and function of a tooth in the mouth. When a tooth extracted or lost, the bone under the jawbone deteriorates. Dental crowns help to prevent this from happening. This allows our patients to maintain a natural smile as long as possible.

What is the Dental Crown Process?

A mold will be taken of the natural tooth. One of our dental technicians will use this mold to craft a permanent crown that is custom made. Before placing dental crowns, Dr. Cochran, our cosmetic dentist, will prepare the tooth. This involves removing any decay so the tooth will be fully protected. The rest of the tooth will be adjusted so that the crown will fit properly and comfortable in the mouth. A temporary crown is placed for you to wear until your next appointment when the permanent dental crown is placed.

How Much do Dental Crowns Cost?

The cost of dental crowns depends on whether you have insurance and the type you choose. Our professional team in Ashburn, Virginia can help you to understand the costs associated with this cosmetic dentistry procedure before committing to it. We believe in 100% transparency for our patients.

Is it Painful to Have a Crown Put on Your Tooth?

Most patients don’t mention any pain, just minimal discomfort. Your mouth will need to adjust to something new in the mouth, but pain is rare. If you do in fact suffer any type of pain, you should call our office immediately. To learn more about dental crowns at Cochran Family Dental in Ashburn, Virginia, call our office to schedule an appointment at 703-771-9034.

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