Probably, you have had a tooth extraction in your lifetime. Apart from extracting milk teeth in your childhood or wisdom teeth in your teenage years, there are more reasons why one should still extract a tooth. Some of the good reasons a tooth may be extracted in your adulthood include:

Excessive tooth decay, tooth infection, and crowding, if you get braces, you will need one or two teeth removed to create space for their other teeth as they shift into place. Those who go chemotherapy or are about to have an organ transplant may need compromised teeth removed to keep their mouth healthy.

How Much Does a Tooth Extraction Cost?

The cost of extracting a tooth varies widely. It may depend on how it is impacted and the type of tooth. A standard extraction with zero damage extraction usually costs between $75 and $200 per tooth, and maybe more, depending on the type of anaesthesia you need and your location.

The cost to remove an impacted tooth is a bit costly. Removing an impacted tooth is quite complex and needs more skills hence the price. It can land anywhere between $800 and $4,000. Your geographical location can also determine how much you pay for the tooth extraction procedure since most services are tailored to an area’s cost of living.

Preparing For a Tooth Extraction

A dentist will always make sure you are familiar with the procedure before going ahead. You will need to take an X-ray of your tooth to know what procedure will be conducted. They inquire about any medications you take, as well as vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter drugs.

Do not ignore other conditions like:

  • Congenital heart defects
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Liver disease
  • Renal disease
  • An artificial joint
  • Adrenal disease
  • History of bacterial endocarditis
  • Damaged heart valves
  • An impaired immune system
  • Thyroid disease

Recovering from a Tooth Extraction?

A tooth extraction should not take long to heal. Want a smooth recovery? Observe the following steps:

  1. Apply a packet of ice to your cheek directly for 10 minutes each time after the procedure to reduce swelling.
  2. Bite down the gauze pad for 3 to 4 hours to reduce bleeding and to aid in clot formation
  3. Take all the medications as prescribed by your dentist, not excluding the painkillers from over the counter.
  4. Just relax for the first 24 hours. Dont go back immediately into your regular
  5. Avoid the use of straws in the first 24 hours.
  6. Avoid smoking completely.
  7. After the tooth extraction, don’t rinse for 24 hours and spit only gently.
  8. If the pain stays for a while or you see signs of infection like fever, pus, nausea, or drainage from the incision, don’t hesitate to reach out to your dentist as soon as possible.

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