Teeth Whitening in Leesburg, VA

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Bleaching Services Here in Leesburg

Before you open your mouth to speak to someone, your smile is already communicating. A bright, white smile communicates your happiness, your beauty, and your health. At Cochran Family Dental, professional teeth whitening is one of our most requested services.

Patients love the positive impact that whiter teeth can have on their lives. When we whiten teeth for our patients, we increase their confidence. We enhance the natural beauty of their smile, and help them shine. When you whiten your smile, you brighten your ability to make someone’s day better. Patients who have had their teeth professionally whitened feel better about themselves, and are more likely to be successful, and happy during social interactions.

At our office, we offer two different teeth whitening methods to better suit our patients’ needs. When you come in to Cochran Family Dental for professional teeth whitening, you can choose whichever method is most convenient, and best suits your tooth bleaching needs.

Professional Take Home Whitening

If you want to professionally whiten your teeth at your own leisure and at your own convenience in your own home, Dr. Cochran can provide you with Opalescence Take Home Whitening. Opalescence can only be offered by a licensed dentist and whitens teeth dramatically. Dr. Cochran will prescribe a concentration based on your needs, and you will be able to choose between three different flavors based on your preferences.

Opalescence is more comfortable, and more effective than the take home whitening kits you might find in a grocery aisle. Opalescence uses special ingredients to reduce the sensitivity in your teeth. Our Opalescence whitening makes your teeth whiter and healthier.

Teeth Whitening

In Office Whitening

Our chosen in office whitening treatment is Zoom Whitening. With Zoom Whitening, our patients can enjoy dramatically whiter teeth after only one office visit. Zoom Whitening is the #1 recognized in office treatment.

When you come in for whitening, you can take advantage of a method that is safe, effective, and fast. Zoom Whitening uses a light system and a patented peroxide gel to deliver fantastic results. You can get the bright white smile you’ve always wanted in one hour long appointment.

Call us today if you are in the Leesburg area, including Ashburn and Purcellville and want to find out more about our teeth whitening treatments. We would be happy to discuss your options and to set up an appointment to whiten teeth.