About Broken Teeth

If you have had trauma where your tooth has become broken, you will need to get emergency dental care quickly to restore the tooth to its original state. An emergency dentist will realize how important it is to resolve a broken tooth as soon as possible, to preserve the life of the tooth. They are on-call for these instances and can see patients of all ages at any time, to help with their pain and suffering that can be experienced during a dental emergency or dental trauma situation.

Is a Broken Tooth Considered a Dental Emergency? 

A broken or cracked tooth is definitely a dental emergency, because the inside of the tooth and nerves may be damaged.  Emergency care is necessary to protect the tooth from being damaged further. This is done in order to save the tooth and to prevent it from having to be extracted later on. If you have been involved in a loss or injury involving some of your teeth or a tooth, follow these instructions for helping to preserve the integrity of the tooth. First, rinse the inside of the mouth out immediately. Next, apply an ice pack to the cheek to relieve pain. When you arrive at the emergency dentist, an x-ray will be done to access the damage of the broken tooth.

Various Causes of Broken Teeth 

A broken tooth may be caused by a fall, decay, or even an accident. An emergency dentist can provide effective professional dental care for broken teeth in their office. The cost to repair a broken tooth will vary on the damage and how much of the tooth is involved overall. A professional emergency dentist will be transparent about the costs associated with their dental services prior to performing these types of repairs for you.

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