Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Patients who have their wisdom teeth extracted do not have to worry about their wisdom teeth causing alignment issues in their mouth.
When wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause serious tooth pain and other health issues. Wisdom teeth extractions remove the problem before it can start.
Wisdom teeth are difficult to clean and often develop tooth decay. Patients who have undergone wisdom teeth removal don’t have to worry about tooth decay problems caused by their wisdom teeth.

It is best to have a wisdom tooth extraction as early as possible. In most cases, patients are recommended to have their wisdom teeth extracted before they are fully formed. Before a wisdom tooth is fully formed the bone around the teeth isn’t as dense, and surgery can be performed more easily. Patients who participate in wisdom teeth removal are usually administered general anesthesia and sleep through the procedure. Healing times vary from patient to patient, but during your first appointment, Dr. Cochran will give you an estimate and discuss your individual plan. After the procedure, Dr. Cochran and his team can perform a restorative bone grafting procedure if it is necessary to maintain your bone structure.

Cochran Family Dental provide patients with comfortable, expert care when it comes to wisdom tooth removal for our patients in the Leesburg area. If you are in Leesburg, Ashburn, or Purcellvill and want to find out more about wisdom teeth extractions or to schedule an appointment.

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