Dental Technology

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Dental Technology

At our practice, we combine our skill and gentle, compassionate touch with the latest and best technology for our patients. Our Leesburg team is committed to providing high quality dental care in a comfortable environment. The technology in our office allows us to be even more effective and efficient during our procedures. Our technology helps us detect dental problems quickly and to provide meaningful solutions. Working with the technology in our office gives us the ability to be even more precise, and to provide sensitive treatment.

Some of the technology we use in our office includes:

Normal Digital X-rays

Our digital x-rays help us to prevent dental problems and detect issues early when they are the easiest to treat. Digital X-Rays are completely safe and significantly reduce the amount of radiation exposure compared to conventional x-rays. This allows Dr. Cochran and his team to make even more precise diagnoses more safely.

Intraoral Cameras

The intraoral camera allows Dr. Cochran to show patients any concerns with their teeth and helps to educate patients about their treatment.
A picture is worth a thousand words!

Orthophos XG-3D

The Orthophos XG-3D is a 3D imagining cat scan that we have available in our office. This cat scan provides the most state-of-the-art diagnostic capabilities. With the revolutionary 3D imagining, we can detect problems even faster than ever and provide exceptionally accurate diagnoses for our patients. We are proud to offer this technology in our office. Utilizing the best cat scan technology allows us to better take care of our patients and to keep them safe.

The Wand

The Wand is the most state-of-the-art anesthetic delivery system that allows Dr. Cochran to get patients numb with the least amount of discomfort. Using The Wand, we can deliver anesthesia to our patients more effectively and efficiently. With The Wand, we can get more dental work done in less time. Patients can enjoy the benefits of more efficient, and convenient, faster appointments.

To find out more about the technology that is available in our Leesburg office, contact us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have or to set up an appointment with Dr. Cochran for a consultation if you are looking for a high tech Leesburg or Ashburn dentist near Purcellville. We look forward to seeing you in our office!