About Dental Extractions in Ashburn, Virginia

At Cochran Family Dental, we aim to save teeth more so than extract them. However, there are times where dental extractions are needed at our Ashburn, Virginia dental office. When this happens, Dr. Cochran and our professional dental staff have the skills and experienced needed to remove your tooth safely. Extractions are often needed when tooth infections become so severe that if left in the mouth it can affect other teeth and your overall health. Broken teeth or severely decayed teeth cannot always be saved and sometimes require extraction too.

How does the dental extraction process work?

Generally, our patients are given some type of anesthesia before dental extractions occur at our Ashburn, Virginia office. Removing a tooth helps to clean and remove bacteria that could otherwise impact their health. This often gives our patients relief who may be suffering from severe toothaches. Comfort is most important to our dental team. We also can discuss your options for restoration after extraction occurs too such as bone grafts if you want to maintain your bone structure after this dental procedure.

How much do dental extractions cost?

Honestly, the cost of dental extractions in Ashburn, Virginia varies from patient to patient. Our staff can disclose the breakdown of costs associated with this procedure and are totally transparent about what you will owe before you commit to having the procedure. We can work with your insurance to ensure you pay the least amount possible and if you don’t have insurance, try to help you to secure assistance if you’re eligible.

How many teeth can be extracted at the same time?

This depends on the patient too and their health. For patients who may be needing dentures and need teeth removed, we will use our professional opinion to determine the number of extractions a patient should and can handle at once. To learn more about dental extractions at Cochran Family Dental in Ashburn, Virginia, call to schedule an appointment today at 703-771-9034.

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