Financing Options for Affordable Dentistry in Purcellville, Virginia

To the average person, the cost of dental services can sometimes seem overwhelming.  However, putting off needed dental work can end up being more expensive, and more painful, in the long run.  Don’t put off what needs to be done!  Cochran Family Dental of Purcellville, Virginia accepts most dental insurance and offers no-interest payment options to help you get the dental care you need.

How much does it cost to get a dental cleaning and exam?

Although the average cost of a dental cleaning and exam is less than a hundred dollars, this may vary according to the individual patient and the type of insurance.  Dental cleanings are a form of preventative dental care and are at the heart of maintaining healthy teeth.  Cochran Family Dental of Purcellville, Virginia offers this important service and will work with you to get it done.

How much is it to get a tooth extraction?

Many factors affect the cost of tooth extraction, including the surgical consultation, the complexity of the extraction, the type of anesthesia to be used, and how the extracted tooth will be replaced.  Tooth extractions and related care can become expensive, but the professionals at Cochran Family Dental will do a thorough examination of your teeth and present a clear treatment plan and estimate of costs and insurance coverage so that you can plan.

How do I find the best dental insurance?

The type of insurance plan you choose for dental work depends upon your individual needs.  Dental Health Maintenance Organizations, or DHMOs, save money but limit your choice of dentists to a network.  Preferred Provider Organizations, or PPOs, let you choose from a larger group of dentists, but will generally have higher deductibles.  Indemnity plans let you see any dentist you want but will only cover a percentage of the cost.  Any of these can be a good option, depending on what your needs are.

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