How Dental Bridges Help Oral Health

A dental bridge is made up of more than one or many crowns that are attached to bridge a gap in the mouth. This crown appliance is easy to use, and is made up to fill the area around a missing tooth or several missing teeth. By attaching crowns next to the gap in the both, a professional dentist can anchor crows in between to fill this space. When combined with porcelain crowns, this dental implant will look like natural teeth in the mouth. They also will feel just as comfortable too, in order that you can eat, drink, brush and floss comfortably and naturally.

Why Dental Bridges Are a Great Choice

Patients that choose to have dental bridges have full function in their mouth again. They are an effective way to replace missing teeth in the mouth. They look natural and each crown is custom made to look and feel like one of the patient’s teeth. Restoring teeth and a smile can help to restore the self-esteem of a patient, no matter what their age. If you or a loved one have lost a tooth due to damage or trauma or because of aging teeth, it’s important to discuss your restorative dentistry options with an experienced dentist in your area.

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