Technology Continues to Change the Way Dental Care is Delivered

Technology is advancing in all parts of our lives faster than ever before.  The delivery of goods and services are changing at light speed, transforming almost everything we do into quicker, cheaper, and more efficient exchange between people everywhere.

Advancements in medical technology in general, and specifically in dental care, continue to evolve as well.  Gone are the days of cumbersome and dangerous x-rays, painful, long and drawn out procedures, and highly invasive and unreliable treatments.

That means a more comfortable, efficient and stress-free environment and procedures for patients.

Dr. Cochran and his staff and Cochran Family Dental have embraced this wave of technology, investing in patient care by investing in modern dentistry technologies and equipment.

“The days of taking pictures and creating film x-rays are long gone in our office,” says Dr. Cochran. “ We now use digital x-ray technology that is quicker and more precise, so that we can treat problems with a higher degree of accuracy than ever before.”

Cochran Family Dental also now employs intraoral cameras.  These small and lightweight cameras are used inside a patient’s mouth and give dentists the clearest images yet, helping to detect and prevent all kinds of tooth and gum problems.

But perhaps the biggest advancement used by Dr. Cochran is the Orthophos XG-3D, a three-dimensional imaging cat scan system.

“The ability to capture a 3D image means that we can increase our diagnostic accuracy for problems we cannot see like never before.  This has become a great tool in helping us treat patients with impacted teeth, root canals, implants and in many other cases where dental surgery will need to be performed,” added Dr. Cochran.

Cochran Family Dental is located in Leesburg and proudly serves the cities of Ashburn, Purcellville and other nearby communities in northern Virginia and southern Maryland.

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