Three Dentists That You’ve Probably Seen in Your Living Room

Dentists have been glorified and lambasted on the big screen since the advent or television. Dentistry is a profession that is blanketed in mystery and fear despite the goal of helping those who seek dental assistance. To get the best dental health care in the Leesburg area, you should probably consult the Leesburg Dentists. However, if you’re looking for a bit of dentist-related entertainment to watch before your next check-up, you best set an appointment with one of these dentists.

Tim Whatley- Seinfeld
Before he was a chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine dealer, Bryan Cranston played the suave and culturally insensitive dentist on Seinfeld. Cranston scored a reoccurring role that saw him star in five Seinfeld episodes. He became a controversial character on the show when he converted to Judaism seemingly for the sole purpose of using Jewish jokes. He was also known for engaging in sexual acts while on the job as well as for re-gifting presents. It’s safe to say that he was a great character, but a horrible dentist.

Christian Szell- Marathon Man
The practice of dentistry can thank Doctor Christian Szell for its stigma. To refresh your memory, Szell was a Nazi-trained dentist who sought to extract information from Dustin Hoffman through the most obsolete and painful methods of dentistry. When you’re in the patient chair at the office of the Leesburg Dentists, you should have no fear when you ask, ‘’Is it safe?’’

Bertram Pincus- Ghost Town
Ghost Town was the movie that introduced Americans to the brilliance of English actor and comedian, Ricky Gervais. Despite being a skilled doctor, Pincus developed the strange power of communicating with ghosts after being put under a general anesthetic during a colonoscopy. Luckily, such happenings have never been reported from Leesburg Dentist patients.

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