What Your Tongue & Teeth Don’t Have In Common

Despite being neighbors, your tongue and teeth don’t exactly share the same likes and dislikes. Although they work in tandem when it comes to breaking down food, what your tongue approves of isn’t always the case with your teeth. Here are a few foods that will cause your tongue to salivate but your teeth to chatter.

Sour Candy
If anyone reading this is a fan of sour, sweet, and chewy candy, your teeth are out of luck. Highly acidic foods serve to break down your teeth. If such acidity didn’t interact with your teeth as much, you wouldn’t have to worry. The issue here is that chewy candy, not only takes a while to break down but it sticks to your teeth long after your tongue has had its fun.

That’s right, one of the most popular food products is the arch nemesis of your teeth. Every time you take a chomp out of your bread, your saliva breaks all those starches down into sugar. Like the aforementioned gummy yum-yums, this broken-down substance sticks to your teeth and causes havoc. If you’re going eat bread, these Leesburg dentists recommend that you choose whole wheat bread that contains less added sugars.

Only the highly observant drinkers will realize that when we drink, our mouths tend to dry out. A lack of saliva results in an unhealthy mouth. No matter how well you think, you washed down that hamburger with your beer you’re going to have little bits of food stuck to your teeth. These vestiges are best removed with a proper amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva not only breaks down lingering food but helps repair tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral infections.

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