A Playlist to Prepare You For The Dentist

Heading off to your local dentist in the Leesburg, VA area isn’t always the easiest thing to do. A trip to the dentist can be quite a stressful experience for some people. To help you alleviate some of the stress that might be caused by your impending root canal, Invisalign procedure, or basic checkup, we’ve compiled a few songs to make your dental visit a bit easier.

Stevie Wonder- We Can Work It Out
Typically any Stevie song is a classic feel-good hit. We Can Work It Out, like so many of his hits imbues any nervous patient with the optimism that whatever issue they might face during their visit, it won’t be as bad as their nightmarish predictions suggest. Emergency dental work be damned, with Stevie by your side, any hurdle ahead of you just got a little easier to hop, skip, or dance over.

Nada Surf- Beautiful Beat
This classic alternative rock hit will give hope to anyone in a scary place. While it may be a bit dramatic for the dentist’s office, the song should be able to remind you that there are situations that you could be in that are much worse than getting a composite filling as Nada Surf croons in the background.

Lily Allen- Smile
Allen reminds us that there’s only one way to handle a difficult situation; smile. Considering you’re going to an appointment that’ll ultimately give you a better smile, what better place is there to apply this practical advice from Lilly Allen?

Marconi Union- Weightless
Sure it’s the only song on the playlist that you’ve never heard of, but it’s also the only one that’s scientifically proven to calm someone down. In an attempt to find the most soothing sound available to the human ear, British doctors tested a number of songs and find that Weightless, slows heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and lowers levels of cortisol better than any other song on the radio.

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