All About Dentures

Losing your teeth can be a stressful experience for anyone, it means the dramatic change of your smile, and it may affect your self-confidence going forward. Restoring your teeth with traditional and/or implant-supported dentures is one solution to tooth loss. A professional dentist can give their patients a new smile with the help of dentures. These dentures allow these patients to eat, smile and talk again with confidence. After a thorough dental exam and teeth cleaning, a dental team can determine whether or not a patient is a viable candidate for receiving dentures.

Traditional Versus Implant-Supported Dentures

Traditional dentures are always custom-made for each patient to look like their natural teeth and to provide the perfect bite for their individual mouth. This affordable tooth replacement option is put into place by a professional dentist with skill, care and compassion for the patient. This can be a sensitive issue for many patients, who may have experienced tooth loss at any age, and may be embarrassed for having a loss of teeth in their mouth when they talk or smile in speaking with others. For those patients who want a more permanent feeling, implant-supported dentures are suggested. When teeth are lost, the bone underneath the gumline begins to deteriorate and gives the face a sunken in look. Implant-support dentures prevent this from helping by offering ample support for the jaw. They are a popular choice as they are more secure than that of traditional dentures. Both options are a great option, however for most types of tooth loss. The All-on-4 procedure is a system for implant-supported dentures that used four implants to secure the dentures in place.

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