Understanding Dental Extractions

It’s the goal of a dentist to do everything possible in order to save a tooth. However, when dental extractions are needed, the dentist will have the experience and skills to remove teeth safely. The dentist can also can offer restorative dentistry options to replace the tooth if it is necessary to retain the smile for a patient. A tooth infection and/or decay can become so severe that if it is left in the mouth, it can jeopardize the health and overall welfare of the patient’s entire mouth. This is why dental extractions must occur sometimes, and there are benefits to having this procedure performed for the patient.

Benefits of Tooth Extractions

Dental extractions protect patients from infections or the spread of infection in the teeth and gums. Removing a tooth can both clean and remove bacteria from the mouth when the tooth is in a state of decay. It also minimizes the risk that other teeth will become infected too. Oftentimes, these dental extractions can provide relief for those who have been suffering from tooth pain, and this will be a relief for the patient who has had no other alternative to prevent pain or swelling in the mouth area.

When to Schedule a Dental Appointment

If you have been having tooth pain, it’s important to have a dental exam with a professional dentist. After determining that the tooth must be removed, the dentist will numb the area and provide a safe and professional tooth extraction. If bone structure is needed after the extraction, a bone graft may be necessary. If you believe that you need to have some teeth pulled, it’s important to contact a professional dental office today.

Schedule an Appointment with a Dentist Today

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