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Finding a Great Family Dentist in Leesburg, Virginia

Taking care of your teeth is a vital part of maintaining good health, and preventive dental care can keep you from needing expensive dental work later in life.  The key to keeping your teeth healthy is to find a great family dentist in your local area and visiting regularly.  Cochran Family Dental of Leesburg, Virginia is that kind of dentist.  Our dental professionals... READ MORE

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Looking for a Family Dentist in Leesburg?

Children have a funny way of thinking that the dentist is someone to be afraid of before even going to their first visit and that fear sometimes even carries through into adulthood. Maybe it is because teeth are the source area of many aches and pains. Or maybe keeping the mouth open for extended amounts of time is a little daunting. Let’s not... READ MORE

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3 Cavity Fighters For Ashburn Kids

Most Martinsburg parents know children's oral health basics: brush regularly, reduce sugar intake, limit snacking, and get adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D. Cochran Family Dental recommends three additional tools for preventing cavities in toddlers and children. Sealants Fluoride supplements Oral rinses Resin dental sealants are applied by your Ashburn dentist. The material bonds to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth,... READ MORE