How Root Canals Work

In line with saving teeth, root canal therapy is a way to save infected teeth that would have to be extracted. Our root canal therapy procedure helps patients who are in pain and suffering to bring them almost immediate relief and helps to save the patient’s teeth in the process. Generally speaking, each one of the teeth has a pulp chamber. This chamber can become infected or damaged. There are nerves in the teeth travel from this pulp down into small canals known as roots. When the pulp becomes infected or damaged, it can affect these nerves causing severe pain for the patient. A root canal or root canal therapy is used to clean out this infection and to relieve this toothache. It also will preserve what is left of this tooth being worked on to allow the patient to keep the tooth in the mouth.

About the Root Canal Procedure

During a root canal procedure, a dentist will clean out the tooth and remove the parts of the tooth that are infected. Removing this infection keeps it from spreading to other healthy areas of the tooth. Once this infection has been removed, the tooth is cleaned and disinfected thoroughly to prevent this infection from becoming back. After this infection has been removed, the tooth is cleaned thorough. It is then sealed with a dental crown that looks much like that of a natural tooth in the patient’s mouth. A temporary crown is usually worn before the custom permanent crown is made.

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