How You and Your Family Can Benefit from Modern Dentistry

Dentistry has come a long, long way since past times when there was the stereotype of squeaky, uncomfortable chairs and noisy, scary drills. The techniques of modern dentistry are designed with the patient’s comfort and healing in mind, and often include state of the art technologies that help ease pain during the dental procedures. Both treatment and diagnostic equipment have advanced to the point where less time is spent in the dental chair, and the patient’s overall discomfort is minimized while delivering more effective treatment. Patients who used to be afraid of going to the dentist can now put their minds at ease when they make that dental appointment and can improve their dental health by keeping regular visits to their dental professional practice.

Advanced Technology in Dentistry

Technology has not only brought us significant advances in the practice of medicine but in the practice of dentistry as well. Diagnosing dental problems is now easier than ever with sophisticated intraoral cameras, digital x rays and the Orthophos XG-3D cat scanner that can look deeply into the mouth and gums to find gum disease, infected cavities or other dental issues quickly and quietly. Accurate diagnosis is the beginning of effective treatment for any patient, but advances have greatly aided even treatment itself in technology.

Making Patients Comfortable

One of the things that patients dread most at the dentist’s office is the Novocaine injection. There’s no need to dread this needle anymore because there is a new technology called “the wand” that makes having the Novocaine medication a breeze. This anesthetic delivery system gives the patient the numbing shot in such a way that it can barely be felt. Modern dentist offices may also provide other comforts, like pillows, blankets and headphones with music. Friendly and supportive staff who treat the patient with compassion and respect will also ease anxiety and make the visit more comfortable at each stage of the dental procedure.

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