Leesburg Dental Patients Speak the Truth

Your upcoming trip to the dentist could be a bit daunting. But in truth, dentists just have a bad reputation. Antiquated dentistry practices still float about in the minds of patients before they enter the offices of the Leesburg Dentists. When you walk through our doors, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Of course, an insider would try to mitigate any concern that... READ MORE

It’s Been a While, Should I Go to the Dentist?

You don’t only need to go to the dentist when you have a broken tooth. Patients should be visiting the dentist at least every six months. Don’t feel bad that you haven’t been examined by the best doctors in the Leesburg area as often as you should have. Call to make an appointment today before you start developing serious issues with your teeth.... READ MORE

How to Brush Away Your Dentist Anxiety

Hey, we get it. We’re not going to say that dentists are the most feared people in Leesburg, but we’re up there. There’s just something about going to the dentist that gets people worked up. Could it be all the shiny pointy objects poking at people’s teeth, or the light that’s being shone in their face as their teeth are being interrogated? We... READ MORE

How to Prevent the Seemingly Unpreventable

The breaking of a tooth seems like a random occurrence that could happen without much notice. Perhaps you’re walking on a sidewalk on a rainy day, and you slip and chip or crack your tooth. A chipped, cracked, or broken tooth can be a spontaneous event, but you can also take preventative steps to prepare for this unfortunate and sudden event from taking... READ MORE

How to Get Those Hollywood Teeth

Ever notice that a prerequisite to being on the big screen is having sparkling white teeth? No matter your talent level, if you don’t own a couple rows of pearly whites you might as well stick to your day job. There are multiple ways to go about getting those Hollywood whites. One of those ways is to visit your local dentist in the... READ MORE

How Do Hollywood’s Finest Get Such White Teeth?

Hollywood stars seem to be able to strut their stuff in any situation. Sure they’ve got millions in their pockets and are greeted by adoring fans pretty much wherever they go, but there’s something else that they have which adds on to their ethereal feel. Have you noticed that just about everyone who’s ever made it to the big screen has immaculate teeth?... READ MORE

How a Smile Becomes a Frown

We all want a couple rows of perfectly white, straight, and sparkling teeth. Yet the wear and tear of life will occasionally have us frowning at how our teeth have progressed through time. Sure everybody covets the luster of Hollywood-worthy teeth, but few of us are willing to put the work into creating an amazing smile. Here are some things you should pay... READ MORE

How to Protect You From Yourself

Your teeth are the strongest part of your body. They can rip through just about any kind of food you put in your mouth and can grind down the toughest of material in seconds. So how would you feel if you started using your teeth against yourself? Grinding and pushing your teeth together can result in damaged teeth. Grinding is typically caused by... READ MORE

Debunking the ‘Alternative Facts’ of Root Canal

Root canals are by far the most well-known dental procedure; they’re also the most misunderstood. For a long time, root canals been the source of fear for dental patients. Like many misunderstood things, a root canal will always be scary until you know the facts. Here are a few popular myths that you’ll want debunked before your procedure. Myth: It Hurts Like the... READ MORE

Are Those Real? What to Know About Dental Implants

Unlike other types of implants, a tooth implant won’t be any more noticeable than the teeth on either side of the newest addition. New teeth are bound to be more shiny and pristine than your real teeth but shouldn’t be noticeable enough to create embarrassment. If you’re worried about your implant sticking out, you can always undergo a teeth whitening treatment to ensure... READ MORE